jesus christ.

i love malmoe. it truly is one of the most fantastic cities in the world. this might be because i have a few really good friends living there. so when i went down there on thursday, i felt really happy. it sure was great to see filli, karin and klara. and me and klara later had a great night out at metro with kubas. slightly hung over when i woke up yesterday.

therefore, i got quite sick at the circus. dad asked me if i wanted to join, and i couldn't say no. but i sure do regret it. it smells of horse poo, includes small children, and worst of all: i sat on the front row. so when the two roller skate artists draged me up on stage, i felt quite nauseous. but when the started to spin me around, i wanted to die. then i died of shame when i stumbeled back to my seat. never, ever again. i don't mind doing things in public, but this i sure won't do again.

today's easter saturday, and i'm gonna feed on candy. not as if i haven't done that yesterday, but i might as well keep it up. later, we're having a dinner party at our place, with a few friends of mum and dad's. then, me and my little sister's boyfriend are going out in halmstad. my little sister is going to bastad, which isn't really our kind of place... at least not at christmas, easter or any kind of holiday that bring lots of people you really don't miss that much anyway.

todays crappiest: i forgot my camera in malmoe.

recipe of love.

finally. 12 days has passed, and he's back. went to arlanda to meet him, with flowers in my hand and butterflies in my tummy. and to make sure he's not gonna run away again, i followed claudias orders and baked cupcakes, with love:

chocolate x3 cupcakes

make them as big as you want :)

all measurements are swedish ones, don't know how to translate them to cups. sorry.

4 1/2 decilitre wheat flour
2 teaspoon baking powder
almost 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 dl cocoa
2 1/2 dl sugar
2 dl milk
125 g melted butter (not salted)
2 eggs
100 g dark chocolate, chopped in small pieces

50 g cream cheese
25 g melted butter
2-3 dl icing sugar
1-2 tea spoon vanilla sugar
100 g melted white chocolate

mix flour, baking powder, sugar, cocoa and salt in a bowl. whisk butter, milk and eggs. add the fluor mix. add the chocolate. divide into cupcake papers. bake at 175* c for 12-30 min, depending on how big you make them. duh.

whilst in the oven: mix cream cheese, butter, vanilla sugar and chocolate in a bowl. add as much icing sugar as needed.

let the cupcakes cool down, and decorate with the icing. use as much other decorations that you like! but it ain't love without hearts...

today's sunniest: stockholm. the weather is awesome, i've almost got a tan already!

today's tonight:

tonight i went to a moving-in-party. it was actually very fun. but the funniest part was when a girl came back from the toilet, with toilet paper stuck on her skirt. i tried to say something, but she managed to take a seat before i could. it was too late. we all laughed, and she didn't get it. instead we thought about what it would have been like if no one said nothing, and she had gone in to town, to the club, with the toilet paper still stuck. after half an hour, she stood up, and her friend ruined it all.

i also ended up chatting with two guys from gambia on my way home. they were very nice, and had lot's to say about swedish people. they asked me four times, if i really was from sweden. due to my accent and my attitude. when we reached högdalen, they asked me if i wanted to join their party. i sad thanks, but no thanks.

no, i'm gonna finish my noodles and go to bed. tomorrow is another day. or at least that's what they say.

early morning.

this is wierd. woke up at the same time that i always do, and took a shower. but as i'm standing there, i realize that i shouln't stand there. i should be in bed. school starts an hour later today.
i woke up an hour early.

oh well, now that i'm up, i might as well stay up. the morning news keep me company as i have breakfast. it is actually nice to take it easy in the morning. today is busy busy, with school, a trip to the gym and later tonight, dinner at johan and claudia's. it funny how we've all ended up in stockholm. and with we i mean me and the people i lived/hanged with in london, in 2005.

i guess i should get ready now, so that i don't just sit here and end up beeing late. which is easily done when you've got the time...

todays summer: since stockholm is getting ready for summer, i came to think of the day me and a few friends drove down to bournemouth. it was great to leave london for a while, since i kind of am a west coast gal. and yes, i know, bournemouth is not on the west coast, but writing coast gal sounded wierd.


yay! my number of readers today just increased by one. thank you mr ryder... well, you see, i've been writing in swedish since august. not saying i have a lot of readers of my swedish blog, but i sure have been busy. at least four posts per day. that's why i thought i could try doing it in english too. for those who wonder why, i guess it's because of my interest in the language, me living in london for a year and a half and also becuase i find it easier to express some feelings in english.

just finished doing the dishes, realising how therapeutic it is. just standing there, all alone, doing a lot of thinking. at the moment most of my thoughts travel to san francisco, so i guess i need the thinking time. now, i'm gonna pack my books and gym clothes, and go to bed. over and out...

today's movie: i can barely wait. am so excited about the new ica age 3. it's on cinemas in sweden in july. way too long 'til then...

days that go by.

jikes. it's been a week. oh well, since i've only got very few readers, i suppose i shouldn't worry that much. or maybe i should... anyways. the sun has finally made it's way through the thick clouds, and today's been lovely! warm enough to walk around in only a cardigan. not only, only, but you all know what i mean...

had lunch with my favourite girls from class in gamla stan, it was very very nice to just hang out, eat, drink and then have icecream by the water. they sure are cute them girls.

haven't done that much lately, kind of just waiting for the days to go by. until monday. i don't mind if monday takes two days to pass... now, i'm gonna clean this place up, like you're supposed to do in spring time!

todays sound track: jason mraz - too much food

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