days that go by.

jikes. it's been a week. oh well, since i've only got very few readers, i suppose i shouldn't worry that much. or maybe i should... anyways. the sun has finally made it's way through the thick clouds, and today's been lovely! warm enough to walk around in only a cardigan. not only, only, but you all know what i mean...

had lunch with my favourite girls from class in gamla stan, it was very very nice to just hang out, eat, drink and then have icecream by the water. they sure are cute them girls.

haven't done that much lately, kind of just waiting for the days to go by. until monday. i don't mind if monday takes two days to pass... now, i'm gonna clean this place up, like you're supposed to do in spring time!

todays sound track: jason mraz - too much food


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winter's coming to town.

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