jesus christ.

i love malmoe. it truly is one of the most fantastic cities in the world. this might be because i have a few really good friends living there. so when i went down there on thursday, i felt really happy. it sure was great to see filli, karin and klara. and me and klara later had a great night out at metro with kubas. slightly hung over when i woke up yesterday.

therefore, i got quite sick at the circus. dad asked me if i wanted to join, and i couldn't say no. but i sure do regret it. it smells of horse poo, includes small children, and worst of all: i sat on the front row. so when the two roller skate artists draged me up on stage, i felt quite nauseous. but when the started to spin me around, i wanted to die. then i died of shame when i stumbeled back to my seat. never, ever again. i don't mind doing things in public, but this i sure won't do again.

today's easter saturday, and i'm gonna feed on candy. not as if i haven't done that yesterday, but i might as well keep it up. later, we're having a dinner party at our place, with a few friends of mum and dad's. then, me and my little sister's boyfriend are going out in halmstad. my little sister is going to bastad, which isn't really our kind of place... at least not at christmas, easter or any kind of holiday that bring lots of people you really don't miss that much anyway.

todays crappiest: i forgot my camera in malmoe.


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