yay! my number of readers today just increased by one. thank you mr ryder... well, you see, i've been writing in swedish since august. not saying i have a lot of readers of my swedish blog, but i sure have been busy. at least four posts per day. that's why i thought i could try doing it in english too. for those who wonder why, i guess it's because of my interest in the language, me living in london for a year and a half and also becuase i find it easier to express some feelings in english.

just finished doing the dishes, realising how therapeutic it is. just standing there, all alone, doing a lot of thinking. at the moment most of my thoughts travel to san francisco, so i guess i need the thinking time. now, i'm gonna pack my books and gym clothes, and go to bed. over and out...

today's movie: i can barely wait. am so excited about the new ica age 3. it's on cinemas in sweden in july. way too long 'til then...


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