today's update:

well well my friends, incase you've wondered, i am not dead. i just suck at updating this blog. not that it's got many readers, but anyways... i am at this moment enjoying the amazing swedish summer, at my parents place. it's been raining for days and days, and the wind is ridiculous. swedish summer as we love it!

i'm working at the supermarket i've been working at almost every summer since i was 17. it's kind of amusing, but yet horrifying to watch people shop. we eat too much candy in this country... makes me sick watching all these obese kids getting all the sweet stuff they want, from their obese parents.

at the end of august, i'm starting school again. i managed to get accepted for the very sought after vocational training school that teaches tv production. am very excited about that!

whils't at my parent's, i try to see many of my friends, have lot's of ice cream, fine wine and free food. my parents are great... now, of to bed to catch up on hours of sleep. good night!

my good friend johanna having the biggest ice cream, in torekov.


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