three minutes.

at six o'clock, me and fifteen other people, laid down on the floor, inte the middle of the train station in central stockholm. we had masques over our eyes, and together we took a three minute long powernap. it felt like at least fifteen minutes. we were supposed to be fifty, but most of the ones that had signed up, didn't show up. but hey, better than nothing i guess.
later i had coffe at sandy's on drottninggatan (the good part of drottninggatan). two hours flew by, in no time. they actually felt like two minutes. but fortunately those two minutes were filled with kisses and smiles. so i guess that's good in some way.

tonight's grey's anatomy night, and i'm gonna watch that, and then go to bed. and sleep. sleep tight.

today's countdown: in twelve days someone will be back from san francisco. twelve days. that sure is many many days. oh well, i suppose i can write a song about it, or something.

today's correction:

some wise ass told me that "ballar av stål" is based on a british show. but anyhow, it's a funny show.

right now i'm in school, and when i'm done writing, i'm off to the gym.

busy busy busy.

to be honest, i've been busy. and to write something in english takes longer than writing something in swedish. but i will try and write here more often. for those who don't understand anything in swedish (not even "puss" or "hej snygging") and think everything i write lokes like "hurdy gurdy gurdy", i will try and summarize the last few days.

i'm now 24, and not 23. it was my birthday on friday, and i flew home to my parent's place to celebrate with them, family and friends. mum fed me with food and candy, so now i'm fat(ter). but it was lovely, and i sure miss them.

i also visited my friend linnea in helsingborg, and we had a semi-crazy night out. quite hung over when i drove back to my parents on sunday. today, me and dad went shopping, and then we went for a long walk in the sun.

came back to stockholm at seven, tired and hungry. will soon go to bed, have got school tomorrow! am actually looking forward to it. laters!

today's swedish sense of humour: we are quite bored, in sweden. that's why kanal5 started this show, that is called "ballar av stål", wich simply menas balls of steel. this clip is about this guy who are supposed to provoke soccer supporters by dressing the wrong way, calling them names and stuff like that. he scores more points, the more people that try and catch him.

boys will be boys.

since there ain't much happening in my life, i'll be posting old blog entries from my myspace. it's quite funny tho, how things never change and you can write something about one man, and two years later apply it on another. at least i find that amusing...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

men... I love men... but most of them are crappy, selfish bastards... even the nice ones turns into unloving assholes after about a month, JUST when you're getting a bit more secure, and are thinking about THE talk about "are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?" . shit... shit shit shit... that's all I can say...

now, i'm gonna do what i'm in school for. study.

today's decicion: i've made a decicion. instead of dressing after weather, i'm gonna dress like i want to. i'm sick of the cold, and the rain. i'm gonna force spring to come early.

today's posts:

well, it's been a quiet week end. or at least semi-quiet. friday i went to see hello saferide, a swedish singer songwriter who really surprised me. had never seen her live before, but hopefully i'll be able to do so again, soon. she is truly something. am posting one of her most famous songs.

saturday was eurovision night. nothing to brag about, and you have nothing to be worried about. sweden will most certainly not win this year.

sunday was lazy day, apart from a short visit to the gym. and i really needed that, since i later ate three waffles with chockolate sauce. now, i'm off to bed...

take me somewhere.

imagine being able going somewhere warm and nice. imagine being able doing that without spending more than 50 quid. cuz that's pretty much all i can afford right now. oh well, at least my imagination's good enough for letting my dreams take me wherever they wanna take me. stockholm is, at this very moment, cold, dark, empty (at least my flat) and covered in snow. depressing? yes.

today's "this is stockholm for you": if you ever visit stockholm and sodermalm, and feel like havin' coffe, you sure must visit the café called vurma. see, here in sweden we sometimes meet other people and have coffe. at the same time. no beer, no irish coffes. just chatting and dricking coffe. at nice cafés. you should try it sometime...

what's happened in 69 hours.

well, not that much. still heart broken, tired of this sickening weather and bored of school. but i did go to the gym today (even if it took me ages to get there, since i only hade a vague idea of where it was) and found it very amuzing to take pictures of my well trained back when i got home. did i mention that i live in a shoe box and only have my tv for a friend? oh well, you all know i'm a bit of a show of.

now, i'm gonna serve myself some dinner, and then do nothing. yay.

today's funniest: two and a half men. some really smart guy descided to send two episodes in a row on tv3. i really hope they pay him enough...

today's myspace:

haha, visited my myspace for the first time in ages, and found out that i was quite funny back in the days:

Saturday, October 28, 2006

drunken friday, awful headache...

god damn. had an amazing night out at the tivoli last night. first me and a few friends had dinner at our place, then we played some pool (yes, I've got a pooltable in my livingroom...) and started consuming loads of baccardi razz mixed with, eh, nothing. thank you lord for travemünde. I got quite drunk. so did mojgan and alexandra. patrick fell asleep at 11 pm, so he and linnea stayed in when me and the girls went in to town.

we were all in an amazing state of mind, all cheered up, dancing and drinking. mojgan started making out with some guy with an ugly cap that looked like twelve. together they looked like a couple of school kids. alexandra soon started making out with some guy she's been seeing for a while. I was all of a sudden alone. and drunk. and I had no cigarettes. found this guy, with nasty dreads and an ugly t-shirt. he had cigarettes. we shit-chatted for a while, but he later pointed finger at me screaming "fuck you!" after I'd said "thanks, but no thanks" when he asked if he could kiss me...

anyway. eventually I found this guy whom I´m now meeting for coffe. nice.

don't feel like drinking, but in 2 hours I'll be pouring red wine down my throat. it's saturday... yay...

today's posts:

today i've been slightly ambivalent. sad. happy. sad. happy. sad. but thank god i'm not gonna go to bed sad. oh no, a few phone calls have turned my frown upside-down, and i'm back to feeling happy (or at least happier). it's funny how you in one way can decide whether you're gonna let something put you down, or make you stronger. it's not easy making that decision, but once you've done it, you know how to deal with your feelings.

didn't we almost have it all?

when reality strikes you, the strike sometimes really hits you. my back hurts. my stomach, my arms, my legs, my fingers. they all hurt, and it's because of that awful strike from reality. i'm not saying it's gonna hurt forever, but right now it feels like it might as well. cold shoulders and no love in return. never imagined it was gonna be so hard.

todays music: timo räisänen. his covers of "didn't we almost have it all" and "about you now" are amazing.


dear readers. this is the english version of my blog. oh well, at least i'm gonna try and update this one when pictures in the swedish one is not enough. it ain't gonna happen often, but i'll do my best...

todays posts: today i wrote about how stressful doing nothing can be, how exciting desperate housewives is, how much i loooove the new adventures of old christine and the fresh feeling new sheets bring.

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