boys will be boys.

since there ain't much happening in my life, i'll be posting old blog entries from my myspace. it's quite funny tho, how things never change and you can write something about one man, and two years later apply it on another. at least i find that amusing...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

men... I love men... but most of them are crappy, selfish bastards... even the nice ones turns into unloving assholes after about a month, JUST when you're getting a bit more secure, and are thinking about THE talk about "are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?" . shit... shit shit shit... that's all I can say...

now, i'm gonna do what i'm in school for. study.

today's decicion: i've made a decicion. instead of dressing after weather, i'm gonna dress like i want to. i'm sick of the cold, and the rain. i'm gonna force spring to come early.


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winter's coming to town.

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