busy busy busy.

to be honest, i've been busy. and to write something in english takes longer than writing something in swedish. but i will try and write here more often. for those who don't understand anything in swedish (not even "puss" or "hej snygging") and think everything i write lokes like "hurdy gurdy gurdy", i will try and summarize the last few days.

i'm now 24, and not 23. it was my birthday on friday, and i flew home to my parent's place to celebrate with them, family and friends. mum fed me with food and candy, so now i'm fat(ter). but it was lovely, and i sure miss them.

i also visited my friend linnea in helsingborg, and we had a semi-crazy night out. quite hung over when i drove back to my parents on sunday. today, me and dad went shopping, and then we went for a long walk in the sun.

came back to stockholm at seven, tired and hungry. will soon go to bed, have got school tomorrow! am actually looking forward to it. laters!

today's swedish sense of humour: we are quite bored, in sweden. that's why kanal5 started this show, that is called "ballar av stål", wich simply menas balls of steel. this clip is about this guy who are supposed to provoke soccer supporters by dressing the wrong way, calling them names and stuff like that. he scores more points, the more people that try and catch him.


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