three minutes.

at six o'clock, me and fifteen other people, laid down on the floor, inte the middle of the train station in central stockholm. we had masques over our eyes, and together we took a three minute long powernap. it felt like at least fifteen minutes. we were supposed to be fifty, but most of the ones that had signed up, didn't show up. but hey, better than nothing i guess.
later i had coffe at sandy's on drottninggatan (the good part of drottninggatan). two hours flew by, in no time. they actually felt like two minutes. but fortunately those two minutes were filled with kisses and smiles. so i guess that's good in some way.

tonight's grey's anatomy night, and i'm gonna watch that, and then go to bed. and sleep. sleep tight.

today's countdown: in twelve days someone will be back from san francisco. twelve days. that sure is many many days. oh well, i suppose i can write a song about it, or something.


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