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Saturday, October 28, 2006

drunken friday, awful headache...

god damn. had an amazing night out at the tivoli last night. first me and a few friends had dinner at our place, then we played some pool (yes, I've got a pooltable in my livingroom...) and started consuming loads of baccardi razz mixed with, eh, nothing. thank you lord for travemünde. I got quite drunk. so did mojgan and alexandra. patrick fell asleep at 11 pm, so he and linnea stayed in when me and the girls went in to town.

we were all in an amazing state of mind, all cheered up, dancing and drinking. mojgan started making out with some guy with an ugly cap that looked like twelve. together they looked like a couple of school kids. alexandra soon started making out with some guy she's been seeing for a while. I was all of a sudden alone. and drunk. and I had no cigarettes. found this guy, with nasty dreads and an ugly t-shirt. he had cigarettes. we shit-chatted for a while, but he later pointed finger at me screaming "fuck you!" after I'd said "thanks, but no thanks" when he asked if he could kiss me...

anyway. eventually I found this guy whom I´m now meeting for coffe. nice.

don't feel like drinking, but in 2 hours I'll be pouring red wine down my throat. it's saturday... yay...


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