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thought i should try to make an effort and translate the recipe for my very easy but oh. my. god. so delicious bread. the dough is quite simple, and it doesn't have to rise! i put dried apricots, carrot and almond to flavour mine, but you can use what ever you feel like! kind of. (if you don't understand my translation, please comment so that i can change it.)

apricot and almond bread.



0,9 cup porridge meal
2,2 cup spelt flour
0,4 cup grated carrot
0,4 cup chopped dried apricots (quite chunky bits)
0,4 cup chopped almonds (quite chunky bits)
2 teaspoon bicarbonate
1 pinch salt
1,7 cup natural yoghurt
3 tablespoon honey
pumpkin and sunflower seeds to put on top


mix all the dry ingredients. add carrot, apricots, almonds, yoghurt and honey. mix well, and put in baking tin made for bread (go get one in ikea if you don't have one). make sure you put ovenpaper in the baking tin, so the bread doesn't stick. spread some seeds on top, and gently poke them down so that they won't fall off when it's done. bake in oven at 350 °F in 80 minutes.



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