drove down to my mum and dad's place today. passed a lay-by where i stopped in august last year and just had to pull over. it's amazing how different places can look and make you feel depending on when you visit them. and with whom. anyways. time for bed.
august 2009.

march 2010.

mama i'm coming home.

one great thing about sweden is that you can drive a rental car for free, if the company need it to be someplace and haven't got someone else to drive it. thank's to this, i'm soon on my way to my parent's place. will be driving alone, from one coast to another. sweet stuff. gonna listen to primal scream all the way. just because.

primal scream - country girl.

mending hearts with old memories.

london flashback. big time. nice. but wierd. but nice. long lost contact back on track. nice. but wierd.

the strokes - juicebox.

london calling.

finally! haven't been in london in three fucking years. it's such a shame. shame on me. but now, it's time. i'm heding over end of may, and i'm so much looking forward to it. missing the pints, missing the friends and missing the shopping. time will fly since i'm busy busy in school. great.

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