tryin' it again.

2011-02-13 @ 22:12:58

lkjc O,mnwefoiu lksjdLOuw ÖWEFPUSDV,MS DV ÖOfPOdv, vLSFWiuef vÖOjFPOSV  LFIUWIEFB Oifopsv luwefäoisg-v -lidjgv-ndfv -lihgvlanv.


just tryin'.

2011-02-06 @ 01:09:21

jag vill att texten ska hamna bredvid.

almost there.

2010-05-12 @ 20:32:30

it's been a month. i know. but who knows, maybe i'll be getting better at this, maybe i won't. anyways, tonight i'm off to berns to see deadmau5. it's gonna be awesome. pepp!

deadmau5 - fml.

new favourite song.

2010-04-06 @ 22:00:10

i often wonder if I'd miss you, and have the urge to kiss you. if an issue was to hit through, to this heart that now feels disused. and said issue was too big to just ignore, and i walked out on you.


2010-03-31 @ 23:33:57

drove down to my mum and dad's place today. passed a lay-by where i stopped in august last year and just had to pull over. it's amazing how different places can look and make you feel depending on when you visit them. and with whom. anyways. time for bed.
august 2009.

march 2010.

mama i'm coming home.

2010-03-31 @ 10:13:49

one great thing about sweden is that you can drive a rental car for free, if the company need it to be someplace and haven't got someone else to drive it. thank's to this, i'm soon on my way to my parent's place. will be driving alone, from one coast to another. sweet stuff. gonna listen to primal scream all the way. just because.

primal scream - country girl.

mending hearts with old memories.

2010-03-29 @ 23:49:26

london flashback. big time. nice. but wierd. but nice. long lost contact back on track. nice. but wierd.

london calling.

2010-03-04 @ 22:02:38

finally! haven't been in london in three fucking years. it's such a shame. shame on me. but now, it's time. i'm heding over end of may, and i'm so much looking forward to it. missing the pints, missing the friends and missing the shopping. time will fly since i'm busy busy in school. great.

busy busy busy bee won't slow down.

2010-02-19 @ 18:17:52

thank f**k it's friday. just came back from school, after a busy busy day. the trains were all messed up in the morning, and that normally sets the mood for the rest of the day. but i left those feelings in school, and am now looking forward to work. cuz it's me and sophia tonight. wicked. gonna kick ass at sturekompagniet. hopefully. if not, i guess we're just gonna make sure we dance all night long. pump it up dj!

david guetta feat. kid cudi - memories [david guetta's fuck me i'm famous remix]

let me shout it out loud.

2010-02-16 @ 23:02:51

i've said it before, but i'll say it again. spring is coming. for sure. at least there's a piece of spring in our kitchen. tulips. i've bought myself a bunch of tulips. they're red, they're beautiful and the smell so nice. just like spring does. so i'm taking a big leap into my bed, going to sleep to dream about slow sundays and sunny skies. come springtime.

i freakin love this song and at 2:15 i just can't get the smile of my face.

beck's coming and she's bringing her friend amstel.

2010-02-14 @ 23:36:07

when you hang out with bartenders the joke you might get to hear is the one quoted above. anyways, valentine's day doesn't have to be all hearts and kisses. or bitter comments or evil eyes. it can be fun, hangin around in coffe shops, having good food and doing pub quizes with nice people. at least that's what i did. so, happy valantine's day to you all. and please do listen to this weeks playlist. dedicated to love.

new sounds before flash forward.

2010-02-03 @ 22:54:19

i'm gonna hit the shower. go to bed, watch flash forward and fall asleep early. i've been so tired these last couple of days. need to sleep. have been listening to sounds that are new for me. iko - on the peripheral (2006). very godd music for sleepy wednesday nights.

i want the sun in my eyes. and hot chocolate. and drink them both with good friends outside under warming blankets.

new sounds before flash forward.

2010-02-03 @ 22:54:17

i'm gonna hit the shower. go to bed, watch flash forward and fall asleep early. i've been so tired these last couple of days. need to sleep. have been listening to sounds that are new for me. iko - on the peripheral (2006). very godd music for sleepy wednesday nights.

i want the sun in my eyes. and hot chocolate. and drink them both with good friends outside under warming blankets.

numbers scmumbers. it's all so confusing.

2010-02-02 @ 22:35:41

look at this. this is how you get straight a's with som newspaper, cellophane and pieces of golden strings. brilliant. apart from sucking up for our teacher who's turning 50, me and my classmates are editing our short story movies, and reading our scripts. out loud. it's so much fun. and sad sometimes. i seriously started crying when we were finished reading hannah's scrips. i don't know why, i was just really taken and had to run to the toilet to cry for a short moment. it's rally amazing how most of us manage to write such great scripts, knowing that most of us have never written a script before. i guess it's thanks to celtx, in some ways...

tonight i've been listening to the new album contra, by vampire weekend. it really is a great album.

what i've been listening to lately.

2010-01-31 @ 23:56:32

dear friends. i've composed this week's playlist in spotify. and another list that i listen to every morning on my way to school. but here are my favourite songs, directly here on the spot.

florence and the machine - you've got the love (the xx remix)
the chemical brothers - hey boy hey girl
miike snow - animal (punks jump up remix)
mikas - temperamental (manuel de la mare remix)


2010-01-31 @ 18:25:31

i'm seriously addicted to sugar. like, really hooked. i've been trying to not have too much sweets and other sweet stuff during the week, and only treat myself during the week end. it's been working quite well, until last week. and don't even let me get started about my binging today at work. what i'm trying to do is making this public: i'm off the sweets. and if someone sees me eating anything in the purpose of relieving my cravings, please do tell me that it's gonna make me fat at the age of 40, clog my arteries and causes premature death.

now, do listen to this song since it's in my head.

pin me down.

2010-01-29 @ 23:12:06

sometimes i wonder how my life would have been if google did not exist. i most certainly hadn't been able to track down a certain someone and i most certainly wouldn't be aware of what some of my favourite songs were about. i love google. tomorrow i'm gonna let google help me write a script. it's gonna be hard, and i'm probably fucked. it's supposed to be handed in on monday mornign, we're talking five pages and floor plans describing every scene. i'm so fucked. i haven't even startet yet, and i'm working all day sunday. crap. i suck. open bars are not good for you.

learn to leave it where we left it there.

2010-01-19 @ 01:12:09

watching "flash forward" before it's time for bed. this song is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

i want to look like her.

2010-01-17 @ 21:43:32

zooey deschanel. found the picture here.

2009: the year of debauchery and finding of more true friends.

2010-01-02 @ 01:09:38

2009 was a good year. i'm so proud of many things i've done, and i'm so excited about all the nice people i've met. love works in mysterious ways, but it sure won't work if i don't feel like it. when it comes to stockholm, i can't see myself not living here. at least not in a very long time. i miss my family, and i miss my friends that aren't teher, but i love the ones that are. i've been drinking, smoking, dancing and having the time of my life. and this is the year in pictures. january we played table tennis and staffan was l-o-v-i-n-g it! february julia came to visit and we had lot's of fun. this is julia in gamla stan. march i turned 24, emma came to town and i managed to go and see both timo räisänen and hello saferide in one week. april came spring. may me and julia went to hässleholm to attend the siesta! festival. june summer was here to stay. we celebrated therese's birthday in fredhäll. july i ate ribb's almost once a week at strand 12, staying at my mum and dad's the whole month. august we went on a road trip in skåne. we called it "lord of the ladybugs" after the whole of skåne being invaded by ladybugs. september i became a "free" woman, began my tv-producton studies and made thirty new friends in two days. october i died a little when i saw muse for the first time. november me and my bed moved in with per in gubbängen and we partied so hard the hatrack fell apart. december i've been hanging out with very nice people, and one day the sky looked like it had been coloured by some kind of artist.

long time no seen.

2009-12-29 @ 21:57:11

so sorry, again, for beeing a lazy ass. oh well. i'm not gonna promise to write every day, but i can promise you that i will try and write more often. soon it's 2010, and i'm so excited. have a good feeling in my tummy it's gonna be a great year. no special reason, i can just feel it. will be back soon, and for now, some sweet sounds.

click on image to open playlist in spotify.

hot hot chocolate.

2009-10-30 @ 21:39:44

hot chocolate made of melted chocolate and steamed milk, the only way of doing it from now on.

i ♥ malmö. (malmoe)

2009-10-30 @ 18:46:20

i'm in helsingborg for the weekend. helsingborg is great in many ways, but beeing close to lund, malmoe and copenhagen makes it wonderful. me and my friend went on a one-fay trip to malmoe.

the store tjallamalla inspires me.

søstrene grene has a lot of nice things, like this forest berry tea.

smells really nice.

the streetlights of malmoe were decorated with pretty bows.

my favourite store i malmoe, tiger.

lagerhaus inspireres me as well.

well hello broadband.

2009-10-27 @ 17:18:47

finally. me and per are celebrating our new broadband connection arriving. good bye slow mobile connection, hello quick download and spotify! tonight i'm relaxing after a busy day interviewing the editor in chief of, and interviewing loads of people in town about their habbits watching telly. school is really fun!

today's plans for the weekend
: my flights to helsingborg is booked! it's gonna be so nice to go down there for the weekend, just chilling and hanging with dear friends. have got nothing but dinner on saturday night booked, sweet!

victoria silvstedt.

2009-10-27 @ 00:00:11

tonight victoria silvstedt were guest at tinas cookalong. unfortunately she weren't naked, but she did have big hair. a little too big, tina thought, and decided to put it in a pony tail. it was a good show, and now i'm ready for my eight hours of beauty sleep.

me and beatrice looking good before the show.

victoria flitring with the aurience before the show.

tina fixing victoria's hair during the show.