hot hot chocolate.

hot chocolate made of melted chocolate and steamed milk, the only way of doing it from now on.

i ♥ malmö. (malmoe)

i'm in helsingborg for the weekend. helsingborg is great in many ways, but beeing close to lund, malmoe and copenhagen makes it wonderful. me and my friend went on a one-fay trip to malmoe.

the store tjallamalla inspires me.

søstrene grene has a lot of nice things, like this forest berry tea.

smells really nice.

the streetlights of malmoe were decorated with pretty bows.

my favourite store i malmoe, tiger.

lagerhaus inspireres me as well.

well hello broadband.

finally. me and per are celebrating our new broadband connection arriving. good bye slow mobile connection, hello quick download and spotify! tonight i'm relaxing after a busy day interviewing the editor in chief of, and interviewing loads of people in town about their habbits watching telly. school is really fun!

today's plans for the weekend
: my flights to helsingborg is booked! it's gonna be so nice to go down there for the weekend, just chilling and hanging with dear friends. have got nothing but dinner on saturday night booked, sweet!

victoria silvstedt.

tonight victoria silvstedt were guest at tinas cookalong. unfortunately she weren't naked, but she did have big hair. a little too big, tina thought, and decided to put it in a pony tail. it was a good show, and now i'm ready for my eight hours of beauty sleep.

me and beatrice looking good before the show.

victoria flitring with the aurience before the show.

tina fixing victoria's hair during the show.

don't waste your time or time will waste you.

last night was amazing. muse is really great live, and my feet left the ground several times. of course, when it comes to rock at a big arena, you know there's gonna be loads of loosers hanging around. like the 45-year old rocker dads who's jumping in pace with the music, taking photos of each other doing angry rock-faces and playing air guitar. oh well, i sure did have a great night, and really hope i'll get to see them again.

today's most hung over: this week-end was kind of ruined by the crazy (but great) night out i had on friday. "friday mys" turned into a massive beer binge, that turned into fucked up stomach. i'm 24 and still never learn from my mistakes.

time is running out.

tonight is the night i'm gonna go se muse here in stockholm. i've wanted to see them for so long, and am about to die of joy! am very hung over tough, but what the heck. had a great night out last night, and nothing can stop me from having another!

today's thing you should know about sweden:

here in sweden we love spending friday nights at home, drinking wine from our bag-in-boxes, eating pork fillet. this is a brilliant video where henrik shyffert tells all you need to know abaout how to spend your friday night like a swede.

today's shopping:

just went to a second hand store in farsta, three stops away from my house on the tube. not the greatest one i know, but at least i found this bag, and paid less than 1£. my macbook will fit perfectly into this bag, and, it matches my new pair of shoes.

today's housewife:

thought i should try to make an effort and translate the recipe for my very easy but oh. my. god. so delicious bread. the dough is quite simple, and it doesn't have to rise! i put dried apricots, carrot and almond to flavour mine, but you can use what ever you feel like! kind of. (if you don't understand my translation, please comment so that i can change it.)

apricot and almond bread.



0,9 cup porridge meal
2,2 cup spelt flour
0,4 cup grated carrot
0,4 cup chopped dried apricots (quite chunky bits)
0,4 cup chopped almonds (quite chunky bits)
2 teaspoon bicarbonate
1 pinch salt
1,7 cup natural yoghurt
3 tablespoon honey
pumpkin and sunflower seeds to put on top


mix all the dry ingredients. add carrot, apricots, almonds, yoghurt and honey. mix well, and put in baking tin made for bread (go get one in ikea if you don't have one). make sure you put ovenpaper in the baking tin, so the bread doesn't stick. spread some seeds on top, and gently poke them down so that they won't fall off when it's done. bake in oven at 350 °F in 80 minutes.


housewife deluxe.

another long day in school. interesting lecture in the morning, and then very productive afternoon directing. after school i picked my dear friend moa up in town, and together we went to högdalen and my old flat. i was to get my vaccuum cleaner, and she her sewing machine. when we jumped on the bus to the new flat, we looked like housewifes deluxe.

now we've had diner, and moa is slimming my black jeans. very nice of her.


today's good new's: me and new flatmate per has the same taste in music. sweet!

me and my mother.

i love spending cold atumn days in my mother's cozy knitted jumper.

today's music: this morning i've been listening to mutemath – armistice. really wakes you up.

today's wishes for a good night:

my bed is finally up. and made. almost doesn't want to go to bed just because that will destroy the apperance. oh well, must get some sleep. school all day long tomorrow.

today's experience:

just seen the movie "up" in 3d. what an experience, and what a great movie! go see, now!

my life in boxes.

moving from one place to another. moving out from the tiniest flat with stove that might blow up any day now. moving into this spacious one bedroom flat with white walls and wooden flooring. moving out from loneliness, moving into cooking dinner with flatmate and watching telly no longer alone. sweet.

todays pictures: this is my life, in boxes. this is my life in bags. organized chaos.

today's hungry eyes:

just got back from a costume party at school. my mates from school are all a bunch of crazy bastards, which is why i had no problem pulling of this outfit. and by the way, nobody puts baby in a corner...


today's housewife:

have i've been busy or what. baking bread is my new calling, and i'm pretty good at it. will try and translate the recipe soon.


simple and plain.

with a little luck, this blog will from this day forward be updated more frequent. mostly with less words than pictures, but hey, who reads when you can look?

today's outfit
: i've been moaning about me not having a short, simple and plain black cotton skirt. i do not complain any longer. i still don't have one, instead i use a black top with thin straps. easy, cheap and good looking.

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