2009: the year of debauchery and finding of more true friends.

2009 was a good year. i'm so proud of many things i've done, and i'm so excited about all the nice people i've met. love works in mysterious ways, but it sure won't work if i don't feel like it. when it comes to stockholm, i can't see myself not living here. at least not in a very long time. i miss my family, and i miss my friends that aren't teher, but i love the ones that are. i've been drinking, smoking, dancing and having the time of my life. and this is the year in pictures.

...in january we played table tennis and staffan was l-o-v-i-n-g it!

...in february julia came to visit and we had lot's of fun. this is julia in gamla stan.

...in march i turned 24, emma came to town and i managed to go and see both timo räisänen and hello saferide in one week.

...in april came spring.

...in may me and julia went to hässleholm to attend the siesta! festival.

...in june summer was here to stay. we celebrated therese's birthday in fredhäll.

...in july i ate ribb's almost once a week at strand 12, staying at my mum and dad's the whole month.

...in august we went on a road trip in skåne. we called it "lord of the ladybugs" after the whole of skåne being invaded by ladybugs.

...in september i became a "free" woman, began my tv-producton studies and made thirty new friends in two days.

...in october i died a little when i saw muse for the first time.

...in november me and my bed moved in with per in gubbängen and we partied so hard the hatrack fell apart.

...in december i've been hanging out with very nice people, and one day the sky looked like it had been coloured by some kind of artist.


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