early morning.

this is wierd. woke up at the same time that i always do, and took a shower. but as i'm standing there, i realize that i shouln't stand there. i should be in bed. school starts an hour later today.
i woke up an hour early.

oh well, now that i'm up, i might as well stay up. the morning news keep me company as i have breakfast. it is actually nice to take it easy in the morning. today is busy busy, with school, a trip to the gym and later tonight, dinner at johan and claudia's. it funny how we've all ended up in stockholm. and with we i mean me and the people i lived/hanged with in london, in 2005.

i guess i should get ready now, so that i don't just sit here and end up beeing late. which is easily done when you've got the time...

todays summer: since stockholm is getting ready for summer, i came to think of the day me and a few friends drove down to bournemouth. it was great to leave london for a while, since i kind of am a west coast gal. and yes, i know, bournemouth is not on the west coast, but writing coast gal sounded wierd.


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