today's tonight:

tonight i went to a moving-in-party. it was actually very fun. but the funniest part was when a girl came back from the toilet, with toilet paper stuck on her skirt. i tried to say something, but she managed to take a seat before i could. it was too late. we all laughed, and she didn't get it. instead we thought about what it would have been like if no one said nothing, and she had gone in to town, to the club, with the toilet paper still stuck. after half an hour, she stood up, and her friend ruined it all.

i also ended up chatting with two guys from gambia on my way home. they were very nice, and had lot's to say about swedish people. they asked me four times, if i really was from sweden. due to my accent and my attitude. when we reached högdalen, they asked me if i wanted to join their party. i sad thanks, but no thanks.

no, i'm gonna finish my noodles and go to bed. tomorrow is another day. or at least that's what they say.


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