what did you do that for.

jag gjorde det för er.

johan ring fotade när nicke gjorde det för mig.

in my opinion there is, or should not be, no such thing as regret. so this is my third. the pain is so worth it, and nicke is very, very talented. and johan was filming the whole thing. and took this picture. soon you will get to see the result properly.

Postat av: Anna.

Sjukt sjukt sjukt sjukt sjukt sjukt snygg ju! :D

2010-12-21 @ 18:16:07
URL: http://februuari.blogg.se/
Postat av: Erica

Förra kommentaren var från mig. hehe. :P

2010-12-21 @ 18:17:33
URL: http://stylebyerica.blogg.se/

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